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Directive Type Vocabulary

A vocabulary for describing types of directives under which observations are made. Examples include projects, monitoring programs, campaigns, etc.

Term Name Definition
fieldCampaign Field campaign A sampling event conducted in the field during which instruments may be deployed and during which samples may be collected. Field campaigns typically have a focus such as characterizing a particular environment, quantifying a particular phenomenon, answering a particular research question, etc. and may last for hours, days, weeks, months, or even longer.
monitoringProgram Monitoring program Environmental monitoring that is conducted according to a formal plan that may reflect the overall objectives of an organization, references specific strategies that help deliver the objectives and details of specific projects or tasks, and that contains a listing of what is being monitored, how that monitoring is taking place, and the time-scale over which monitoring should take place.
project Project A collaborative enterprise, involving research or design, the is carefully planned to achieve a particular aim.