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Specimen Type Vocabulary

A vocabulary for describing the type of a physical Specimen.

Term Name Definition
automated Automated Sample collected using an automated sampler.
biota Biota A specimen consisting of all or part of a biological organism, including flora or fauna.
core Core Long cylindrical cores
coreHalfRound Core half round Half-cylindrical products of along-axis split of a whole round
corePiece Core piece Material occurring between unambiguous [as curated] breaks in recovery.
coreQuarterRound Core quarter round Quarter-cylindrical products of along-axis split of a half round.
coreSection Core section Arbitrarily cut segments of a "core"
coreSectionHalf Core section half Half-cylindrical products of along-axis split of a section or its component fragments through a selected diameter.
coreSub-Piece Core sub-piece Unambiguously mated portion of a larger piece noted for curatorial management of the material.
coreWholeRound Core whole round Cylindrical segments of core or core section material.
cuttings Cuttings Loose, coarse, unconsolidated material suspended in drilling fluid.
dredge Dredge A group of rocks collected by dragging a dredge along the seafloor.
foliageDigestion Foliage digestion Sample that consists of a digestion of plant foliage
foliageLeaching Foliage leaching Sample that consists of leachate from foliage
forestFloorDigestion Forest floor digestion Sample that consists of a digestion of forest floor material
grab Grab A sample (sometimes mechanically collected) from a deposit or area, not intended to be representative of the deposit or area.
individualSample Individual sample A sample that is an individual unit, including rock hand samples, a biological specimen, or a bottle of fluid.
litterFallDigestion Litter fall digestion Sample that consists of a digestion of litter fall
orientedCore Oriented core Core that can be positioned on the surface in the same way that it was arranged in the borehole before extraction.
other Other Sample does not fit any of the existing type designations. It is expected that further detailed description of the particular sample be provided.
petriDishDryDeposition Petri dish (dry deposition) Sample from dry deposition in a petri dish
precipitationBulk Precipitation bulk Sample from bulk precipitation
rockPowder Rock powder A sample created from pulverizing a rock to powder.
standardReferenceSpecimen Standard reference specimen Standard reference specimen
terrestrialSection Terrestrial section A sample of a section of the near-surface Earth, generally in the critical zone.
theSpecimenTypeIsUnknown The specimen type is unknown The specimen type is unknown
thinSection Thin section Thin section