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Organization Type Vocabulary

A vocabulary for describing types of Organizations. In ODM2, People may or may not be affiliated with an Organization. People can also be affiliated with more than one Organization.

Term Name Definition
analyticalLaboratory Analytical laboratory A laboratory within which ex situ analysis of of environmental samples is performed.
association Association A group of persons associated for a common purpose.
center Center A place where some function or activity occurs.
college College An institution of higher education.
company Company An business entity that provides services.
consortium Consortium An association of individuals or organizations for the purpose of engaging in a joint venture.
department Department A subdivision or unit within a university, institution, or agency.
division Division A section of a large company, agency, or organization.
foundation Foundation An institution or organization supported by a donation or legacy appropriation.
fundingOrganization Funding organization An organization that funds research or creative works.
governmentAgency Government agency A department or other administrative unit of a government.
institute Institute An organization founded to promote a cause.
laboratory Laboratory A room, building, or institution equipped for scientific research, experimentation, or analysis.
library Library An institution that holds books and or other forms of stored information for use by the public or other experts.
manufacturer Manufacturer A person or company that makes a product.
museum Museum A building or institution dedicated to the acquisition, conservation, study, exhibition, and educational interpretation of objects having scientific, historical, cultural, or artistic value.
program Program A set of structured activities.
publisher Publisher An organization that publishes data.
researchAgency Research agency A department or other administrative unit of a government with the express purpose of conducting research.
researchInstitute Research institute An organization founded to conduct research.
researchOrganization Research organization A group of cooperating researchers.
school School An educational institution providing primary or secondary education.
studentOrganization Student organization A group of students who associate for a particular purpose.
university University An institution of higher education.
unknown Unknown The organization type is unknown.
vendor Vendor A person or company that sells a product.